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Taylor Ancestral Trees

This page summarizes information about the Taylor ancestral trees submitted to the Taylor Family Genes Project. Each project member has a tree file made at the time of joining, but not all are complete. Completeness depends on member submissions.

The purpose of publishing these trees is to help Taylor Family Genes members with Y-DNA matches identify their common ancestors. We focus on the paternal lines of descendancy and include only minimal information as to ancillary lines.

You must be a member of Taylor Family Genes to have your tree published on this site. We recommend that other trees be submitted to WorldConnect at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/.

Submitting a Tree

For those who have just received your kit, Welcome!

While you’re waiting for the results to come in, you can prepare your male lineage and send it in to us, via

To change an existing tree;

If you haven't yet submitted, or want to make updates or other changes:

Search Trees

Leave the "only" box checked to restrict the search to this site. The search will take you to a Google results page.

Tree information represents the authors' opinions and has not been verified by the project. It should be regarded merely as clues for your own, independent research and not as documented fact.

Master List of Trees

Due to privacy concerns, we no longer publish a full list of trees for Taylor Family Genes project members. We continue to provide the service of publishing trees and contact information for those who wish it. Files are updated as information is received.

Every project member has a file, whether or not they personally submitted a tree. For those who do not request publishing only surname, kit number and date of joining are shown.

To further protect privacy from spam-harvesting robots, we have replaced the @ sign in e-mail addresses with " /at/ ". Make the reverse substitution to e-mail the person.

Other Tree Links

The individual trees are linked from pages in the website where they would be relevant, for example on the genetic family (i.e., matched group) and haplogroup pages. 

These trees are linked in various ways throughout the site. Access to the trees may be obtained in either of three ways.

  • If you know the group assignment, click here and on the link to the particular group's page. Then click the link by the name &  kit #. This permits comparison of trees by those sharing a common male ancestor. These pages are updated weekly.
  • The tree shows the last known e-mail address of the contact person for further research discussions along that line. It is the the kit owner's responsibility to send updates and corrections to his tree and e-mail address.  If an e-mail address is no longer valid, we are sorry; we update addresses as members inform us.

    "All" Trees

    In response to a request from a few who want "all-on-one-page searching", we compiled a page to present all trees submitted as of a date certain.

    Caveats: Link: Click here to view the "All Trees" page.

    Send us your family trees

    Thank You to all who have sent in their information. Your tree may help you and will help others to find ancestors. It can identify where your Y-DNA intersects with others'.

    A "skeleton tree" file is made when you join the project and updated as you submit information. Please send in any updates on your male lineage and changes of email addresses. Please include your kit number on all correspondence to help us find you among the hundreds of twigs and branches.

    How to send

    Trees are member-submitted.

    The ancestral trees on this site are reported by the participants. . The project admin team is not able to independently verify members' tree submissions. Nor, do we typically intervene in questions of accuracy or genealogical standards. We proceed on the basis that members have done the appropriate research.

    We do NOT do research for members or non-members; we maintain the database, update it, and answer questions about the DNA results.
    (Co-administrators may provide guidance on research approaches.)

    Our project focus is to help members find their ancestors who may have lived centuries ago and to maintain as much privacy as feasible for those currently living. Please supply a CONTACT email address so that people who would like to know more about your line can communicate with you.

    How to format your tree

    No special computer programs are required; you can send us your tree in an e-mail message or other convenient means. Our trees may be skimpier than you see at other places; they include only the direct male line from the earliest paternal ancestor (& mother of the next generation) to the kit donor. They do not include maternal lines, siblings or other spouses.

    To email a tree

    1. Begin with your FTDNA kit number and your name on the first line. Full name is optional; surname is required.
    2. On the second line, put the word "Contact", the name of the person to be contacted (which needn't be the same as the kit donor's) and an e-mail address. If no contact is desired, put "Do not contact".
      Please give a valid e-mail address; if it should change, notify project administration and request the tree be updated. Genetic genealogy is about identifying DNA links with others and tracing back to a common ancestor. Without the email address, a viewer who may be related and wishes to contact a member will not be able to.
    3. Start the tree portion with your most distant (earliest) known ancestor and proceed down through the generations until you reach the kit donor. Give each generation a line number.
    4. Below the tree, indicate the family's migrations -- the various countries or states where the males were born &/or died or spent significant time. Indicate the order by a angle bracket ">".
    5. Finally, list other surnames of genealogical importance.

    Sample tree:

    Kit # 999999, John Doe Taylor, Group=xx, added: 2/10/10

    Contact: John Doe Taylor at john.doe /at/ taylor.net
    1. Jonathan Robert Taylor (1780 Somerset, MD? - 1849 Rutherford, TN) + m2 Keziah Jones
    2. Robert Jonathan Taylor (1802? Rutherford, TN? - 1865 Preble, OH) + Hannah Beasley
    3. William Beasley Taylor (1824 Rutherford, TN - 1909 Sioux, NE) + m3 Dinah Cooper
    4. Andrew Jackson Taylor (1851 Rutherford, TN - 1935 Crowley, KS) + m2 Sarah xxx
    5. John Daugherty Taylor (1880 Crowley, KS - 1949 Orange, CA) + Rosalyn Rowe
    6. Living
    7. Kit donor Taylor,

    Here are some real examples:

    Symbols for the male lineage trees:

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    Revised: 13 Jun 2016