Measuring Haplotype Rarity


We stand on others’ shoulders; without their work this project would not have been possible. To give credit where it’s due:

 Thank you Kelly Wheaton for publishing a discussion and demonstration on your Wheaton surname project site’s “Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy”, Public accessibility was critical to proceeding to investigate.

 Thank you Robert B. Casey for your insight (at that haplotype commonness and rarity could be measured by component markers and the rarity or commonness of values. It represents an intellectual breakthrough.

 Thank you, posthumously, Leo Little for publishing tables of marker value frequencies by haplogroup, laying the foundation for Casey.

We give thanks to the eight projects’ administrators who published their Y-STR data. Its public availability was crucial.[42].

Thank you, too, to colleagues who reviewed and commented on early drafts. The advice of James Irvine, Debbie Kennett, Dr. Maurice Gleason and Brian Swann has been instrumental in improving this study.

Any errors or misconceptions, however, are the sole responsibility of the author.