Project Criteria for Genealogical Significance

The overall criterion for declaring a genealogically significant match within Taylor Family Genes is this:

Y-DNA indicates a high probability of sharing a common male ancestor who lived since 1350 AD*.

This plain-English statement relates the DNA evidence to genealogy and is then translated into quantitative criteria, based on the number of markers compared and the number which agree (or the genetic distance):

What matches qualify under this criteria?

Please note that, by employing the TIP algorithm,  these criteria are less restrictive than those used by FTDNA to report matches within its total database, nor are they dependent on surnames matching. Also note that they are more restrictive than past project criteria; some older groups were formed under looser criteria but have not been "revoked". We encourage those with 12- and 25-marker matches to upgrade their testing levels in order to benefit  from the higher precision of the 37-marker and 67-marker tests.