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Groom Taylor Family Bible

This page is about a family Bible, listing births, marriages and deaths for the Groom Taylor family


The accompanying scans -- along with introductory text, of the family Bible -- were contributed by David Ray Taylor, a member of the Taylor Family Genes project, on 16 July 2012. The original Bible is in the possession of his brother, who performed the imaging and presumably wrote the introduction. David received the scans as a PDF file.

No places are mentioned in the document for the listed events . However, David believes that they are mostly in and around Madison County, Kentucky.


Click here to see the document as received from David.


Transcription: Groom Taylor Bible

Explanatory notes:

Text in all caps is pre-printed on Bible pages. Other text is handwritten or hand-printed. Transcribers notes are enclosed in curly brackets, {?}.

Begin Transcription

Page 1 -- Introduction

Taylor Family Bible

The following are scans of pages from a very old King James Version Bible. The Bible was obtained by Ronald O. Taylor from his father, Richmond O. Taylor who received it from his father, Richmond Taylor.

By deduction, it appears that the Bible was the possession of Groom (sometimes noted as Groomes) Taylor. The “Parents Record” page lists Groom(es) Taylor and Nancy Million. Mahalia Hill and Mary L. Willis are listed also on the same page. Lucinda Pilant Taylor was added apparently later.

The first birth noted on the “Births” page is Thomas Taylor, September 17, 1849, apparently the child of Groom Taylor and Mary Willis Taylor. They were married December 14, 1848. Thomas Taylor is not listed elsewhere and may have died in infancy.

The handwriting recording the birth of Thomas Taylor on the “Births” page and that recording the deaths of Nancy Million Taylor and Mahalia Hill Taylor on the “Deaths” page appears to be the same. The death of Nancy Taylor and Mahalia Taylor were apparently entered at the same time. The recording of the death of Mary Willis Taylor, July 7, 1853, is in the same handwriting, but at a separate time. It is notable that none of the children of Groom and Mahalia Taylor are recorded on the “Births” page. Judging from the date of the first birth recorded, Thomas Taylor, September 17, 1849, and the difference in handwriting between the deaths of Nancy Taylor, Mahalia Taylor, and then Mary Taylor, July 7, 1853, it appears that the Bible was purchased or received between 1849 and 1853. It is possible that the Bible was obtained at the time of the marriage of Groom Taylor and Mary Willis in 1848.

It is interesting that the marriage of Schuyler Taylor and Fannie Kanatzar was not recorded in the Bible. It suggests disapproval.

In addition to the family records, clippings from newspapers, mostly obituaries, were found in the Bible. Also found was a picture of an unidentified young girl reading a book. Lastly, a receipt from a dry goods or general store dated 1867 was found.

Due to the binding of the Bible, it was not possible to scan the entire page. Here is additional information for those pages missing data:
Page 10 – Schuyler Taylor died November 19, 1929
Page 10 – Lucy Clark Taylor was the wife of Morgan Taylor
Page 12 - Richmond Oran Taylor died October 2, 1997
Page 12 – the baby girl born April 1, 1915 apparently died the same day
Page 12 – Mary E. Taylor died December 30, 1969
Page 12 – Patricia Gay Taylor was born April 22, 1951, and died April 25, 1951
Page 12 – Bernease Douglas Taylor was born April 17, 1954
Page 12 – Steven Schuyler Taylor was born June 3, 1956
Page 13 – Geraldine Reagan was borned (sic) September 15, 1924

Page 2


FATHER: Groomes Taylor was born July the 24th 1810
  Nancyey Taylor was born November the 17th 1812

MOTHER: Mahalia Taylor born January 18th 1808
  Mary L Taylor was born Auguest 23rd 1823
  Loucinda B. Taylor was born Jun the 10th 1824

Page 3


Cassander Taylor was married January the 25th 1854
Loucy Taylor was married to Wm{?} J{?} Willis January 24th 1851
Cassander Taylor died Oct the 8th 1880 Wife of James B. Kreatzer{?}

Page 4

Cassander Taylor born October the 8th 1833
Lucy Taylor was born April 19th 1835
Elby Taylor was born October the 16th 1836
Skiler Taylor was born April the 1st 1838
Elizabeth Taylor was born November the 14th 1838
Caloway Taylor was born March the 21st 1841
Elvirah Taylor was born July the 24th 1842
Nancy Taylor was born January the 19th 1844
Allen Taylor was born June the {cut off}

Page 5

{Repeats page 4 with these additions }
Allen Taylor was born June the 30th 1845
Mahalia Taylor was born March the 31st 1847

Page 6


Nancy Taylor Ded January the 9th 1831
Mahalia Taylor Ded April the 14th 1847
Mary L Taylor Ded July the 7th 1853
Lucy Willis Died December the 16th 1855
Groomes Taylor Died 4th of July 1863
Ellen{?} Taylor Died the 11{?}th of Novemerb 1862
Sarah Pilant Died the 15th of January 1863

Page 7

Caloway Taylor died Nov. 4, 1912

{Illegible, apparently bleed-through from other page

Page 8

Groomes Taylor and Nancy Wil {cut off} was married November the 5th 18 {cut off}
Groomes Taylor and Mahalia Hill {cut off} was born married December the 27th {cut off}
Groomes Taylor and Mary L. Willis was married December the 14th 1848
Groomes Taylor and Lucinda B {cut off} was married March the 29th 1854
Cassander Taylor {illegible} died October the thrid 1880. Wife of James R{?} Knatzar
Elvirah Taylor died Decemeber 1{illeg}th 1896. Wife of James R{P?} Reyonllds

Page 9

Includes the cut-off portions of page 7:
Groomes Taylor and Nancy Williams was married November the 5th 1829
Groomes Taylor and Mahalia Hill was born married December the 27th 1832
Groomes Taylor and Mary L. Willis was married December the 14th 1848
Groomes Taylor and Lucinda B Pilan was married March the 29th 1854
Cassander Taylor {illegible} died October the thrid 1880. Wife of James R{?} Knatzar
Elvirah Taylor died Decemeber 1{illeg}th 1896. Wife of James R{P?} Reyonllds

Page 10


Thomas Taylor was born September the 17th 1847
Morgan Taylor Was Bornd Decmber the 7th 1866
James Taylor Was Bornd June the 13th 1869
Richmond Taylor Was Bornd April the 7th 1871
Mollie Taylor Was Bornd September the 25th 1872

Page 11


Groom Taylor and Nancy Million were married November 15th 1829
Groom Taylor and Mahala Hill were married December 27th 1832
Groom Taylor and Mary L Willis were married December 14th 1848
Groom Taylor and Lucinda Pilant were married March 29th 1854

Page 12

Children of Groom and Mahala Hill Taylor were

Casandra born October 8th 1833 who married James Kanatzar Died October 3rd 1880
Lucy born April 17th 1835 who married Wm. J Willis January 24, 18500
Elby born October 16th 1836
Scuyler born April 1st 1838 who married Fannie Kanatzar
Elizabeth born Novemwebr 14th 1839 who married Alex Warren
Calloway born March 21st 1841 Died November 4 1912
Elvirah born July 24th 1842 who married James Reynolds Died Decem,ber 12th 1896
Nancy born January 19th 1844
Allen born June 30th 1845 Died November 11th 1863
Mahala born March 31st 1847 married Oliver Cosby

Page 13

Children of Schuyler and Fannie K. Taylor were

Morgan born December 5th 1866 who married Lucy Clark
James born June 13th 1869 who married Hehtie Harrison in New Mexico
Richmond born April 7th 1871 whio married Mary Magra {?}
Mallie born September 25th 1872 who married Robert Malin {Mahin?}
  {next section in script}
James B. Taylor Died Nov 21 - 1927
Fannie B. Taylor Died Sept 1st - 1928
Schuyler Taylor Died Nov 19 - 1927
Eva Sutton Mahin daughter of Robt. L and Mallie Mahin. Born Aug 23 - 1901 and died Oct 25 - 1902
Morgan Taylor Died Sept 30 - 1931
Robert L. Mahin died May 23 - 1935
  {return to hand printing}
Lucy Clark Taylor Died March 11th, 1943 (wife of {cut off}
Robert Lee Taylor Son of Morgan & Lucy C. Taylor Died July 19, 1941

Page 14


Nancy Million Taylor wife of Groom Taylor Died January 9th 1831
Mahala Hill Taylor wife of Groom Taylor Died April 14th 1847
Mary Willis Taylor wiofe of Groom Taylor Died July 7th 1853
Groom Taylor Died February 4th 1863
Allen Taylor Son of Groom and Mahala Hill Taylor Died November 11th 1862
Lucy Taylor wife of wm. J. Willis Died December 16th 1855

Page 15

Children of Richmond and Mary Taylor

Schuyler Stone Born Feb. 15, 1909
Married Virgnia Mottley and Frances Buttery
Married Loretta Eversol October1 1976
Richmond Oran Born Feb. 28, 1914 - Died Oct. 2, 197 {cut off}
Married June Moren Jan. 1, 1941 Henrietta
Baby Girl Born April 1, 1915 - died April 1, 75 {cut ff}
Ulmont Lee Born Dec. 16, 1916
  "    "   Died April 1, 1919
Mary E. Taylor Born March 1, 1877 - Died Dec. 30, 186 {cut off}
  {below this page divided into two columns}
  {left-hand column}
Children of S.S. and Virginia Taylor
Clara Mary - Born Feb. 26, 1930
  {right-hand column}
Children of R.O. and June Taylor
Ronald Oran - Born July 28, 1942
David Ray - Born Aug 2, 1946
Patricia Gay - Born April 22, 19 {cut off}
    Died April 22, 193 {cut off}
Bernease Douglas - Born April 12{?}, 19 {cut off}
Steven Schuyler - Born June 3, 195 {cut off}

Page 16

Children of Morgan and Lucy C. Taylor

Robert Lee Taylor borned May 9, {blank}
  married El;izabeth Hansford 1918
  One Son: James Browining Taylor born; Nov. 3, 1918
Thelma Taylor borned January 22, 1904
  married Harold Reagan
  Their children: Geraldine Reagan borned Sept. 15, 1924
    married Oren Deatherage
  Bettye Joe Reagan: borned Oct. 10, 1929
Mallie OPal Taylor borned Nov. 4, 1912
  married Robert Edward Lee
Their child: Robert Ulmont Lee borned May 1, 1933
Edward Browning Lee Born June 13, 1950
Saundra Jo Lee Born Sept. 12, 1955

Page 17

{Newspaper clipping: Obit of R.l. Mahin -- undated and unsourced}

Page 18

{Newspaper clipping: 1929 Obit of Schuyler Taylor, the last surviving member of John Hunt Morgan's Confederate cavalry. It mentions his two escapes from Union prisons.}

Page 19

{Newspaper clipping: 1928 Obit of Mrs. Schuyler Taylor}

Pages 20-21

{Newspaper clipping appears to be obit of James Krantzar}
{Newspaper clipping, continuation of above?}

Page 22

{Newspaper clipping: Obit of Morgan Taylor, husband of Lucy Clark Taylor}

Page 23

{Photograph of woman reading book, apparently age mid-20s to mid-30s. Picture apparently made 1890-1910}

Page 24

{Appears to be ledger sheet or sales receipt dated 1867}

{End Transcription}