Daughters of the American Revolution now accepting DNA as a lineage proof!

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Congratulations Katherine on this monumental change.

I wonder if the DAR will adopt a similar policy as the SAR {Sons of the American Revolution}. 
Here is the SAR's.

DNA test results may be used to locate or solicit conventional documentation for completing an SAR application. DNA test results are best used to locate others researching a solid male line of descent (a patrilineal descent) from a common male ancestor. This is often, but not always, a line of descent with the same surname, or a variation of such surname. DNA test results also have limited application in proving than an applicant is genetically descended from a particular patriot ancestor.

The SAR shall consider DNA test results to prove that an applicant is descended from a patriot ancestor when there is a 90% probability that the most recent common ancestor of the applicant and another male descended from a known patriot ancestor was no further back than eight generations, as shown by their closely matching Y-chromosome results. This is possible under the following circumstances:

  1. DNA test results may be used in the SAR application process as one piece of supporting evidence in a "preponderance of evidence" case, or as one of the additional pieces of evidence when the applicant is relying on a record copy of an old DAR application, or such other lineage society that may be considered by the SAR.
  2. An applicant's DNA test results show that a match for at least 36 of 37, or 65 of 67, genetic markers on the Y-chromosome with another male who has an accepted, documented paper trail back to the patriot ancestor, providing high assurance that their common ancestor is no further back than the documented patriot ancestor.
  3. DNA test results of the Y-chromosome are only useful for an applicant who is attempting to prove that he is a descendant of a patriot ancestor from whom he has a solid male line of descent, and the applicant can compare his DNA with another man who has a solid male of descent from the same patriot ancestor, but whose lineage is supported by an accepted, documented paper trail back to the patriot ancestor.
As DNA testing improves, the SAR may revise its policy.

James M. Owston, EdD.