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"GAP" stands for "Group Administrator pages", a key tool in DNA project administration which FTDNA provides for every project and to every project admin and co-admin.

Project administrators and co-administrators will (or should) find themselves logging into their GAP frequently. Many admin tasks can be accomplished best or only through the GAP.

This page discusses features and use of the GAP, many of whose features are available only to admins nad co-admins. Some of these features we are still exploring and will add descriptions as we discover them.

Logging In

The GAP is a secured website; access is granted only with the correct username and password for the username. This username is NOT the name (kit number) for a personal "My FTDNA" account; it is separate.

To log in:

  1. Go to https://famitlytreedna.com/login.aspx. This is the same URL as for individual accounts; the differences come in the next two steps.
  2. Enter your username as project admin or co-admin, not your FTDNA kit number.
  3. Enter your private password for this username. 
  4. Click the "Sign In" button.

Once logged in, you will have access to all GAP features.

Logging Out

Be sure to close each GAP session by logging out. Mouse over your name in the upper right corner and click the "Sign out" link. Failure to log out ties up the FTDNA servers (until they kick you off for inactivity) and may result in unwanted results for your next GAP session.

GAP Sections and Features Overview

GAP features are organized into blocks of related tasks. The main headings are found on am menu bar near the top of each GAP page. The headings include

Data Presentation

Gap data is presented as lists, tables, graphs, maps, etc. FTDNA presents the data for each page in a format suited to the need.


Many lists are in the form of tables which can be sorted by column. Click on the column heading to sort; click again to reverse the sort order.


By clicking on a member's kit number, an admin can "impersonate" a member. This is useful for viewing a member's information in order to help him or her. It should not be used to change any of the member's information and -- for some fields -- admins are prevented from making changes.

Multiple projects

If you are an admin or co-admin for multiple projects, the one for which you're logged into will show in a box below you name. To change to another project, mouse over the box and select the desired project from the drop-down list.

Member Reports

A big section with many features, the most important of which are emphasized.

Member Information

We have made this report a key aspect of project administration. It records our findings for each member and our actions. Some of the codes we use in the Note section:

Genetic Reports


Project Administration

Member Subgrouping

"Subgrouping" (as FTDNA calls it) is simply sorting into relevant groups. (For FTDNA, a "group" is an entire project.) It is among the most important tasks of project administraiton. We have two kinds of groups:

My Account

This section of the GAP allows admins and co-admins to control their separate project admin accounts (not their personal accounts).