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Project Administration Handbook

The purpose of this page (and its children pages) is to anticipate a new Taylor Family Genes project administrator replacing the present one. He or she will need guidance. (Heaven knows, the old one did, and had a hard time finding it!)

The information here is to aid the process of acquiring the knowledge and understanding he or she will need.

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Project Admin Functions

Well divide the functions into two kinds:

Managerial Functions

Managerial functions are often ignored in talking about project administration, but they are critically important and do not get done without attention. They are roughly the same for any undertaking which involves many people. they include the general categories of:

The project administrator needn't perform all these functions; some may be delegated. However, he or she -- as the leader -- must ensure that the functions are performed.

See also.

Technical Functions

Technical functions are peculiar to DNA genealogy projects. They include:

They are discussed more fully in this section.

Project Admin Tasks

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