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Membership Eligibility & Qualification Requirements

Taylor Family Genes has found it necessary to institute more restrictive requirements for project membership. These requirements will apply effective February 1, 2014.

Effective immediately, project membership will no longer be granted automatically upon request. It shall require an application (Join Request) to be reviewed by project administration for compliance with membership criteria and approved or denied.

Reasons for Requirements

Taylor Family Genes is a surname DNA project. Because the surname is usually inherited paternally and thus associated with Y chromosomes, our central focus is on Y-DNA haplotypes. We seek to identify and link Taylors with their direct paternal lineages

We recognize that direct paternal lineage represents only a small fraction of anyone's ancestors. However under current genetic technology, this fraction is the only portion specifically identifiable by surname and Y-DNA haplotype.

Membership Criteria: Eligibility & Qualifications

Membership in Taylor Family Genes is a privilege. The administrative team shall set such eligibility criteria and qualifications for membership as it deems will best meet the project's goals. Presently, these include:

  1. DNA Test

    Members must have DNA results in the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) database. The results may be from a test performed by FTDNA or transferred to FTDNA from another test provider.
    1. Y-DNA STR results are preferred, but other types of DNA tests may be accepted. A test of 37 or more STR markers is always acceptable; lesser STR tests may be accepted at the discretion of project administration.
    2. Prospective members may have a FTDNA test on order. In the event, the prospective member does not complete the test -- or results are withheld from the database for any reason -- the membership, if granted, shall be removed.
    3. Tests from other providers from FTDNA may meet this requirement if transferred to the FTDNA database.
  2. Taylor Relationship

    To be approved for membership, an applicant shall meet at least one of these criteria:
    1. Bear the Taylor surname.
    2. Demonstrate a direct paternal or maternal lineage bearing the Taylor surname through genealogical, genetic or other means.
    3. Demonstrate a high-quality Y-DNA match with a person bearing the Taylor surname. The match shall be reviewed by administration as to project's match criteria. OR
    4. Demonstrate, to the satisfaction of project administration, a sincere belief that a direct paternal or maternal ancestor bore or may have born the Taylor surname.

    Direct Paternal or Maternal Relationship

    An indirect relationship (e.g., your father's mother or mother's father) does not meet the Taylor relationship requirement.
  3. Access to Results

    Project administration shall have access to the DNA test results for analysis and comparison with other project members
  4. Participation

    Members who fail to comply in a timely manner with the responsibilities outlined below may be removed (dropped) from membership.
  5. Financial

    There shall be no dues or fees assessed to members. However, voluntary donations may be solicited for advancing project goals.
  6. Other Projects

    Members may join other projects and are encouraged to do so when applicable.

Membership Responsibilities

Genetic genealogy is a cooperative and collaborative endeavor. Members are expected to actively participate in the project and with each other.


Project members shall actively participate in project activities and membership may be removed for failure to participate.

  1. Members shall enter their most distant (earliest known) ancestor information on their personal My FTDNA pages. The information shall include the ancestor's full name and birth and death information (year, county and state or country).
  2. Members are encouraged to submit a Taylor lineage outline to project administration with the understanding that it will be published on the project website with their name and contact information.
  3. Members shall maintain current contact information on their personal My FTDNA pages.
  4. Members shall respond in a timely manner to communications from other embers and shall respond to queries from project administration.
  5. Members are encouraged and expected to continue genealogical research after joining the project and to update their genealogical information accordingly..

Membership Removal

Project administration may remove (drop) a member for any of the following causes:

  1. Failure to comply with test requirements, e.g., returning sample kit or paying for test.
  2. Failure to consent to release of information.
  3. Failure to provide genealogical information.
  4. Failure to respond or discourteous response to communication by project administration or other project members.

Member Incapacity

In the event a member becomes unable to comply with participation requirements, project administration may excuse a member from these requirements.

Members are encouraged to designate a "beneficiary" to manage their FTDNA accounts when they are no long able to.