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Learning About
Genealogy & Genetic Genealogy

We get questions. We're always happy to answer them to the best of our ability. But some folks would rather learn on their own than conduct a long series of e-mail exchanges with us.  And, we may not be the "ultimate experts" we might be deluded into thinking we are. <G>

Therefore, we've compiled this list of authoritative resources for self-study.



Traditional (Documentary) Genealogy

Genealogy by means of written records is the foundation of all genealogy. Who couldn't benefit from a refresher course to make sure we've covered the basics in constructing our paper trails?

  1. Ancestry.com's Learning Center -- a series of videos and articles on
    1. Building a Tree;
    2. How to Search;
    3. Understanding Records;
    4. Collaborating;
    5. Projects; &
    6. Archived Articles.
  2. Familysearch.org. –
    1. learn
    2. courses
    3. beginning genealogy
  3. Legacy family tree –
    1. data base –
    2. Training Videos
    3. webinar
  4. Other websites  
  5. General podcasts
    1. Genealogy gems
    2. Family History made easy


Good genealogy is dependent on good evidence, most of which will be in the form of written records. The Board for certification of genealogists has an excellent overview for evaluating evidence.

Genetic (DNA) Genealogy

These links focus more on DNA and genetic genealogy, an overlay on and supplement to traditional genealogy.

  1. International Society for Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG). Click on "Resources"
    1. For Newbies
      1. Q&A for Beginners
      2. Testing Mtyhs
      3. Educational components
      4. Glossary
      5. Testing Surprises
      6. Paths of Y-DNA & mtDNA
    2. Wiki -- a collection of articles submitted by project administrators and other knowledgeable folk. Includes:
      1. Projects
      2. Tests
      3. Genetic Genealogy resources
      4. Genealogy resources
    3. Tools
    4. Articles
  2. World Families
  3. Charles Kerchner's website has a wealth of material. He is among the most prolific publishers of information on DNA genealogy.
  4. Blogs: We like those on Blaine Bettinger's Top 10 list of genetic genealogy blogs.
  5. This website: Don't ignore us just 'cause we're so close.
    1. Our glossary of terms we use
    2. "About yDNA" which traces direct paternal lineages;
    3. "About mtDNA" which traces direct maternal lineages; and
    4. About autosomal DNA" which traces direct and indirect lineages.


As with traditional genealogy, evidence is important in genetic geenealogy. It is, though, often hard to evaluate the quality of genetic evidence.