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SNP Packs

FTDNA is now (Fall 2015) in the process of introducing bundles of SNP tests adapted to specific haplogroups and called "SNP Packs". They test many SNPs for more precise determination.

For an overall view by an expert, refer to this page.

Why SNP Packs?

SNP testing is proving increasingly more informative -- both as to ancient ancestry and genealogy. These bundles of many SNPs are a cost-effective alternative to Next Generation Sequencing (e.g., Big Y & YSeq Elite).

SNP Pack List

As of 18 September 2015, the available SNP Packs consist of :

  1. SNP Pack, G-M201, $119.00
  2. ???, I-M253, ?, I1; not currently available
  3. SNP Pack, I-M223, $119.00, I2
  4. SNP Pack, I-FGC22149, $99.00,
  5. SNP Pack, I-S12289, $119.00
  6. SNP Pack, J-M172, $119.00
  7. SNP Pack, J-M267, $119.00
  8. SNP Pack, J-M410, $99.00
  9. SNP Pack, J-FGC4302, $119.00
  10. SNP Pack, J-FGC8712, $119.00
  11. SNP Pack, N-M231, $119.00
  12. SNP Pack, R-M343 , $99.00, "R1b Backbone Panel". Recommended for R1b-predicted men who've done no SNP testing.
  13. SNP Pack ,R-M222, $119.00, Irish Type I (Ui Neil?)
  14. SNP Pack, R-CTS4466, $119.00, R1b1a2a1a2c1c2 - Irish Type II
  15. SNP Pack, R-DF41, $119.00, R1b1a2a1a2c1i
  16. SNP Pack, R-FGC17059, $99.00,
  17. SNP Pack, R-L513, $119.00, R1b1a2a1a2c1b
  18. SNP Pack, R-Z18, $119.00, downstream of R-U106
  19. SNP Pack, R-Z253, $119.00, L21>DF13>Z253 includes Irish III & IV and Iberian
  20. SNP Pack, R-Z255, $119.00, R1b1a2a1a2a2
  21. SNP Pack, R-Z280, $99.00, R1a1a1b1a2
  22. SNP Pack, R-Z283, $119.00, R1a1a1b1

Ordering SNP Packs

You must have a Y-STR test in order to order a SNP Pack and you should only order the one appropriate to your haplogroup.

Log on to your FTDNA account with your kit number and password; click the "Upgrade button and then "Advanced Tests". Search the list for the one you want..


It can be confusing to know which SNP Pack to order. If you get the wrong one, you can test negative for every included SNP and will have wasted your money. So, we suggest a "punch down" strategy.

  1. Start with most generic product for your predicted haplogroup; it will help you know where you're at. If, for example, you're predicted R-M269 (R1b1a2), start with the R-M343 bundle; it includes both the upstream.& major downstream SNPs for R1b1a2.
  2. Follow up with bundles including the SNPs for which you have tested positive. This will help you further refine your place on the haplotree.
  3. If this proves too difficult or expensive, jump directly to Big Y.