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P312 branch of R-M269 *R1b1a2)

This page is about the branches of R-P312. It is primarily adapted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_R1b_(Y-DNA)#R1b1a2a1a2_.28R-P312.2FS116.29 on 4 Jun 2014, with edits and additions.

R1b1a2a1a2 (R-P312/S116)

Along with R-U106, R-P312 is one of the most common types of R1b1a2 (R-M269) in Europe. Also known as S116, it has been the subject of significant study concerning its sub-clades, and some of the ones recognized by the ISOGG website are summarized in the following table.& Myres et al. described it distributing from the west of the Rhine basin.

Comment: Of the ~70% of Taylor Family Genes project members who are R-M269, R-P312 comprises about two-thirds. Including all haplogroups, the overall frequency of R-P312 is ~45%.
un-defined R-P312* (R-P312-*)
M65 R-M65 (R-p312-1)
un-defined R-Z196* (R-P312-2*)
  R-M153 (R-P312-2a) Basque & Gascon?
  R-M167/SRY2627 (R-P312-2b1)
  SNP? (R-P312-2b2)
un-defined R-U152* (R-P312-3*)
  R-L2* (R-P312-3c*)
  R-L20 (R-P312-3c1)
L21/ S145/ M529
undefined R-L21 (or R-M529/S145, L459) R1b1a2a1a2c
  R-M37 (R-P312-4a)
  DF13==R-M222 (R-P312-4b) (Niall Noígíallach)
un-defined R-DF1/L513/S215* (R-P312-4c*)
  R-P66 (R-P312-4c1)
  R-L193/S176 (R-P312-4c2)
  DF13==R-L96 (R-P312-4d)
  DF13==R-L144/S175 (R-P312-4e)
  DF13==R-Z255===L159.2/S169.2====Z16433 (R-P312-4f)
  DF13==R-L226/S168 (R-P312-4g)
un-defined R-DF21/S192* (R-P312-4h*)
  R-P314.2 (R-P312-4h1)
  R-Z246 (R-P312-4h2)
  R-L720 (R-P312-4h3)
  R-L371 Wales (R-P312-4i)
  R-L238/S182 (R-P312-5)
  R-DF19 (R-P312-6)

Amongst these, scientific publications have given interpretation and comment on several:

R-P312-2 (R-Z196) unites several branches of R-P312: