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Irish Y-DNA

Irish Y-DNA has been classified into various types. at least four common types, designated by Roman numbers, have been identified.

Irish Y-DNA Types

The following is from source, with additional content from ISOGG Wiki. Formatting has been enhanced.

Commonly Occurring Haplotypes of Ireland and Munster

Y-DNA projects are looking to Irish history and trying to reconcile that history with the haplotypes that they see in the test population. Some of the major ones are listed here.

Irish Type I, or northwest Irish, was identified in a Trinity College study. It is affiliated with Ui Neill. R-M222 is of high interest.

Irish Type II, or south Irish, was identified by Dr. Ken Nordtvedt and is concentrated in Munster. It is characterized by several deviations from AMH plus four other alleles occurring in much higher frequencies than in AMH. Many Eoganacht sept surnames (e.g., Sullivan, Lynch, Collins, Donovan) appear in this grouping. R-L21 is of high interest.

For more, see Munster Irish Project

Irish Type III, or Dalcassian, researched by Dennis Wright, identifies STR markers with high frequencies in counties Clare, Tipperary, and Limerick. L-226 is of high interest. Cluster modal values for the Irish Type III are at Y-search ID NT4BZ. Distinctive STR values are

More information on ISOGG Wikii.

Irish Type IV, or continental, also identified by Ken Nordtvedt, appears to be scattered in Ireland and a part of western Europe. Because of disparate surname sources in this group it has been particularly difficult to hypothesize who a common progenitor might have been.

There are many Irish Y-DNA projects, looking at provinces, regions, septs, and surnames. Refer to the individual projects to determine what the goals of the project are. The project will state what it anticipates and finds as its members are grouped according to their alleles. Some links to Irish projects are listed under References.