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Taylor Group R1b-099

This page is about the Taylor yDNA genetic family  designated R1b-099.



Taylor Group R1b-099 Members
Kit #
Name Earliest* known ancestor Hap
Lo Hi
339066  Taylor    William W. Taylor (1824 Newberry Co., SC - ?) R-M269 98% 99%
530464 Taylor ? ? R-M26 98% 99%
* Earliest = Most distant
** "Score" = Probability of common ancestor w/in 24 generations.
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About this Group

Members are invited to submit information about this genetic family.


See http://www.familytreedna.com/public/taylorfamilygenes/default.aspx?section=yresults.

Genetic Network

With grateful thanks to McGee Utilities and Fluxus Engineering, we calculated the 37-marker genetic network diagram below.

Haplogroup & SNPs

None of the members have tested SNPs. They are predicted to be R-M269.

Phylogenetic placement

R-M269 is downstream (a subclade) of R-M343 (R1b). The most frequent subclades of M269 are  U106  & P312, which each have many known subclades of their own.


The highest present concentrations of M269 are in western Europe where it represents the most common haplogroup.


M269 is believed to have formed about 13.5 kya and the MRCA for all M269+ men lived about 6.4 kya.


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Revised 24 Sep 2016