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Taylor Group E1b-096

This page is about the Taylor Y-DNA genetic family  designated E1b-096.



Taylor Group R1b-086 Members
Kit #
Name Earliest* known ancestor Hap
Lo Hi
482972 Taylor Casper Taylor (1775 ? - 1848 ?) E-L117 100% 100
394644 Taylor Hamilton Taylor (1805 New Castle DE - ?) E-M35 100% 100
* Earliest = Most distant
** "Score" = Probability of common ancestor w/in 24 generations.
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About this Group

Members are invited to submit information about this genetic family.


See http://www.familytreedna.com/public/taylorfamilygenes/default.aspx?section=yresults.


The highest present concentrations of the ancestral SNP M35 are in the Balkans, Middle East and Norht Africa.


M35 is believed to have formed about 26 kya and is believed to have first spread to Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum.


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Revised 20 Aug 2016