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Taylor Group R1b-073

This page is about the Taylor Y-DNA genetic family designated R1b-073.



Taylor Group R1b-073 Members
Kit #
Name Earliest* known ancestor Hap
Score **
254918 Taylor Samuel Taylor (1805 Aird, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland - ?) R-U198   >80%
261170 Taylor Samuel Taylor (1805 Co. Antrim, IRE - 1842 SCOT) R-M269   >80%
286938 Taylor Samuel Taylor (1805 Co. Antrim, IRE - 1842 SCOT) R-M269   >80%
383775 Taylor Jacob Taylor (???? - 1805 Morris Co, NJ) R-M269 ? ?
400504 Taylor ? R-M269 ? 98%
* Earliest = Most distant

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About this Genetic Family

Two of the members of this genetic family identify an earliest known ancestor from County Antrim in Ulster Province, Northern Ireland; they now reside in Australia.

Y-DNA Values

See http://www.familytreedna.com/public/taylorfamilygenes/default.aspx?section=yresults.

Haplotype Rarity

Based on the values of the individual markers, the members of this genetic family score, on average, in the Uncommon range. Their haplotypes are among the least common 25%.

Genetic Network

With grateful thanks to McGee Utilities and Fluxus Engineering, we calculated the 37-marker genetic network diagram below.

Fluxus Network.

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Reading the Fluxus Network Diagram

The network diagram gives a pictorial representation of how members of this genetic family may be related. It depicts inferred genetic branches of the paternal lineage and may be helpful in documentary research.

  1. The inference criterion used to build the diagram is maximum parsimony or "Occam's Razor". This criteria (fewest possible assumptions) may not be the most appropriate in all instances.
  2. The diagram is not proof; it is one interpretation of available geneitc data. Alternative interpretations may be possible.
  3. ySTR data is "noisy"; it contains some unexplained variability. .
Notes on the diagram:

TiP Scores

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Revised 24 Jun 2015