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Matching Groups

This page is an index to groups of matching Y-DNA results in the Taylor Family Genes Project.


While matching a haplogroup is not sufficient to identify a common male ancestor, a difference in haplogroups is sufficient to exclude a common male ancestor. So, it's a convenient way to exclude results which may be less relevant to you.

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Matched Groups by Group Number

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Links to Genetic Families

I1-01 R1b-02 R1b-03 R1b-04 R1b-05 R1b-06 R1b-07 R1b-08 R1b-09
J2-10 R1b-11 R1b-12 R1b-13   I2-14 R1b-15 R1b-16 I1-17 R1b-18
R1b-19 R1b-20 E1b-21 R1b-22 I1-23 R1b-24 R1b-25 R1b-26 R1b-27
R1b-28 I1-29 R1b-30 R1b-31 R1a-32 R1b-33 R1b-34 R1b-35 R1b-36 
R1b-37  R1b-38 R1b-39 I1-40 I1-41 G2-42 R1b-43 G-44 R1b-45
R1b-46 R1b-47 R1b-48 R1b-49 I2b-50 R1b-51 R1b-52 R1b-53 R1b-54
G-55 R1b-56 I2-57 R1b-58 I1-59 R1a-60 R1b-61 J1-62 R1b-63
R1b-64 I1-65 R1b-66 R1b-67 R1b-68 R1b-69 R1b-70 R1b-71 R1b-72
R1b-73 R1b-74 R1b-75
(x 15a)
I2-76 R1b-77 I2-78    



Unmatched, by Haplogroup

Haplogroups E, G, I, J, R1a

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E G I J R1a

Haplogroup R1b

R1b has the most participants in the Project and the largest number unmatched (>100). We are still working on a good way of making the information easily accessible. We may divide them up by kit number, or by specific haplogroup within R1b. In the meantime, a page listing the unmatched R1b members and information about the haplogroup is here.


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Revised: 12 Nov 2013