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Lineage Trees

Our apologies. It has been brought to our attention that FTDNA guidelines do not allow us to publish members' full names, kit numbers and contact information.

Without identification of whose tree has been published and a means to contact the author for more information, we see little value to the previous list.

Therefore, this former feature has been discontinued until we can devise another way to help project members link with each other.

Search Trees

However, many project members have given permission to publish their trees, with their names and contact info. You can search these trees to see if you share a Taylor ancestor with them.

Google Search

Leave the "only" box checked to restrict the search to this site. The search will take you to a Google results page.

Tree information represents the authors' opinions and has not been verified by the project. It should be regarded merely as clues for your own independent research and not as documented fact.

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