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Contacts for Taylor Family Genes Project

The good folks below are our team of volunteers to help you find your Taylor ancestors. Let's emphasize volunteers; none of us get paid for the hours and efforts we contribute.

We help prospective members join the Project, organize the data, answer questions or point members to someone who can assist, set up trees, analyze data, etc. We are happy to help in this way.  Please understand, though,  that we do not have the time to do research for individuals.  We do enjoy genealogy and the search for answers based on facts.  Direct your questions and concerns to a team member or post them on our blog.

Quick Contacts List

The Project Administrative Team

Admin Guide

For a guide as to how we administer the project, click here.

Financial Assistance

Occasionally, we are able to pay part of the cost of DNA testing in order to benefit existing and future members of the Project. We have a small fund, contributed by generous members for the purpose of advancing genetic genealogy for Taylors. 

DONATIONS are always welcome to our Taylor project to assist in funding test upgrades from 12 or 25 markers to 37 markers. Visit: http:// www.familytreedna.com/contribution.html and tell them it's for TAYLOR.

REQUESTS for funding may be made by sending an email to: the Project administrator, rt-sails /at/ comcast.net. Requests will be considered on a number of criteria and handled on a first-come, first served basis and as long as funds are available.

Before we get swamped with requests, please note we have very limited resources and only a partial amount of the cost for the 37-marker test will be granted. The member who wishes financial assistance must have

Candidates who apply will be contacted by us for further information. Deadline for requests each year is November 30.

Paying for another's test

The general fund can also be used for a person to pay for another person's test. Here is the procedure:

  1. Notify the project administrator of your intent, your name and the kit donor's name.
  2. Arrange for the kit donor to order the test and select the "Pay by Invoice" option.
  3. Go to the FTDNA project site and make a donation to the project general fund in the amount of the test cost.
    1. Scroll down the the General Fund heading and look for the orange "To donate to the general fund please click here" link.
  4. The project administrator will use your donation to pay for the specific test.
    1. The amount transferred for payment will not exceed the amount donated.
The FTDNA website is undergoing revision. The "Pay by Invoice" option may not be available now.

What we do

We try to help members of the Project get the most value possible out of their participation and we encourage new members to join the project for the benefit of all.

Our primary focus is yDNA because it is the type of DNA most closely associated with the Taylor surname.

What we can't do

None of us on the admin team intend this to be a full-time occupation and none of us are fully up to date on the latest developments in the rapidly-changing field of genetic biochemistry . In order to maintain some sort of other life and stay within our knowledge, we need to limit our involvement.

We can not:

To contact Family Tree DNA

Since we can't answer all your questions, you may want to contact the sponsor of our Project:

Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. World Headquarters

Your contact information

Project administrators are no longer authorized to change members' contact information. We can see it, but not change it. To keep you contact information current:

  1. Log onto your personal page at www.familytreedna.com/login.aspx. You will need to enter your kit number and password as part of the login.
  2. Hover your mouse over the "My Account" tab and click the "Contact Information" link.
  3. Change any needed information and click the "Save" button.

Please  when your contact information changes, update it on your FTDNA account. We do not maintain a separate contact list of project members, but rely on the information that FTDNA has.

Beneficiary Information

We recommend members take advantage of the FTDNA Beneficiary program. Should you become unable to manage your FTDNA account, your beneficiary will be able to follow through on your behalf.

E-mail Blocking

Communication is an essential ingredient of genetic genealogy. Finding a DNA match is only one step in the process and communication is necessary to determine its genealogical meaning..

But, we've noticed a number of project members who use one or another e-mail blocking schemes (such as PeoplePC), apparently to reduce spam; we find it frustrating. What users may not realize is that these schemes interfere with communications we think they'd want to receive.

Since we can't reach these folks by e-mail, we can only say to them here what we would say privately:

  1. If you use an e-mail blocking scheme, you should follow through with all implications and update it continuously. Do not "set it and forget it".
  2. You should, at minimum, put project admin e-mail addresses into your approved sender lists. We promise not to spam you. Any message we send will be directly related to your DNA test or the project as a whole.
  3. We are busy too and do not have time to mess around with additional obstacles in communicating with you. We usually give you one chance to receive the message and that's it. If you miss it, that was a consequence of your choice.

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Revised: 30 Oct 2015