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This page tells you about the Project's weblog (blog), named "Taylor Topics" & located at http://taylortopicsdna.blogspot.com.  It serves as the Project's newsletter.

Blog Site Purpose

The blog is our way of communicating with you, at your leisure and without adding to your e-mail inbox.

The Taylor Family Genes project created its blog for members' benefit. It talks about developments in Taylor DNA, discoveries made through the Project, and other topics of interest to Taylor Family Genes Project members.

Lalia Wilson, a Taylor descendant and co-administrator of this Taylor Family Genes project, has graciously consented to create, edit, publish  and manage the blog.

Members and non-members can read interesting articles on various aspects of genetics, family success stories, and news from the team members. Some articles are intended to be educational, others helpful, others interesting and entertaining. 

The blog's emphasis is not on administrative "news"; that's much too boring.

Recent articles:

A list of recent article titles gives a flavor of the wide variety of topics.

Contribute your stories & questions 

We want your interesting stories.  Do those titles give you any ideas?

You can submit an article or question for publishing on Taylor Topics.  Submissions are subject to editing and editorial discretion as to publishing.

If you have a question of general interest, we will try to find an answer and publish it.

E-mail your story or question to Lalia.

We'll be waiting for you to visit

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